Pool cues, antique lamps, and garden rocking chairs unusual items sold at tips

Pool cues, antique lamps, and garden rocking chairs unusual items sold at tips

Have you ever been to the tip and seen someone getting rid of a perfectly good table? Perhaps it was a lamp or a TV stand?

Well, you might soon be leaving your refuse centre with just as much as you arrived with, because reuse shops are popping up all over the UK.

These shops collect any reusable goods that have been left at the tip, and they’re put up for sale by the site operators.

It’s believed that any money made goes directly back into the operating costs of the site.

Chester’s Sealand Road Recycling Centre has collected a range of bizarre and quirky goods for its own shop.

Within the shop, you’ll find a pine writing table with a leash top, a large rattan rocking chair, and even a four-foot high candlestand.

Chairs, tables, mid-century lamps, ottomans, pool cues and a large globe drinks stand are all waiting for a new home.

The site’s duty manager, Richard Hughes, said more and more people were stopping by to take a look at what they could find.

He told CheshireLive: “None of us are Antiques Roadshow experts. If anything like that did come in, we wouldn’t recognise it.

“We’ve had the shop for a while now, and it was quite quiet when it was off the site. Now it’s a lot busier because people can see it.

“Lots of it is furniture. That sells really well.”

Reuse shops are cropping up all over the country, including in Devon, London, Bristol, Suffolk, and Warwickshire.

Reusing old, unwanted goods is always more preferable to scrapping them.

It’s environmentally more friendly, and it helps the council to run its waste disposal sites more efficiently.