At Camco, we specialize in:

Commercial Roofing – on all roof systems:

  • Asphalt and gravel roofs,
  • EPDM (black rubber roofs),
  • TPO (Heat welded single ply roofs),
  • SBS (Torch on roof systems).
  • We can also do all cold applied roof systems especially for those small jobs to help save on budgets where very tight.

Metal Roofs

We provide the following services:

  • Pitch box installs (small metal box typically 4” to 10 “ max.
  • Wood curbs from 8” ID to whatever is required. Insulated wood cubs can be made where needed as well.
  • Plumbing vents both the typical witch hat style and the SJ20 which is the pre-insulated with an aluminum cap.
  • Roof drain inserts (and plumbing can be provided if required.)

Roof repairs:

  • Roof leaks- all roof systems
  • Roof repair reinforcements
  • Permanent roof repairs
  • Spot replacements (Removal of wet insulation in areas)

Roof replacements:

We replace all roof systems as noted above under commercial roofing.

Concrete balconies and metal roofs:

We install a liquid applied rubber membrane with a reinforcing fabric in between 2 base coats with a top finish coat that has pre- tinted colours or can be tinted to a preferred colour some texture can be added as well. This system comes with a 10-year warranty, an additional 10 years can be provided with a single coat added at the end of the first 10-year warranty.

We can provide trade work such as framing, soffits eaves fascia and downpipes, metal flashings, concrete work/repairs, drywalling and painting, electrical services, masonry, flooring and much more.